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The North Bay firestorm, which consists of several fires converging in and around Santa Rosa, Napa Valley, and the surrounding region, has devastated thousands of acres and destroyed thousands of structures. If you are within an evacuation area, please listen to the instructions of the authorities. Staying within an evacuation zone puts yourself in danger and endangers the lives of firefighters and other emergency responders who may be summoned to assist you.

From everyone at Delfino Green & Green, a San Francisco ERISA and bad faith insurance law firm, we hope you and your family the best and safe roads ahead. In case you have not yet been evacuated but live near one of the regions affected by the North Bay firestorm, you should start to prepare now.

Remember this quick list of tips about what to do during an emergency such as this:

  • Find shelter: Evacuations are controlled by authorities and government agencies. If you are near a North Bay firestorm, then there is likely already an evacuation shelter being prepared just in case. You can call your local fire station or police department for information about where to go in case you have to evacuate and prepare a route ahead of time. Please adhere to evacuation orders. Evacuating but not going to the designated location can cause traffic that slows responders and can overcrowd another evacuation site, putting more people in danger.
  • Prepare a kit: Get food, water, radios, flashlights, a map, a first aid kit, and other necessities for an emergency evacuation put together now. Place it somewhere near your vehicle for easy loading. Try not to overload your kit in case you have to evacuate on foot. If you live with multiple people, you can divide the items in the kit among each person for easier transportation.
  • Stay clear of downed wires: More than 100,000 residents in Santa Rosa and the surrounding area are reportedly without power. Firestorms that sweep through residential and commercial areas can burn down any powerline in the way. Never touch a downed powerline and stay as far away from it as possible. Even if structures nearby do not have power, there could still be electricity flowing through the powerlines.

Remember to check for updates from authorities frequently. In emergency situations like the North Bay firestorm, the situation can change in sudden and unpredictable ways. Every minute counts for your safety. If you see fire and no fire department officials are nearby, call 911 to report what may be a new fire.

Legal Help When Filing North Bay Firestorm Insurance Claims

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The North Bay firestorm may prove to be one of the worst natural disasters in Northern California history. Insurance companies should expect thousands upon thousands of claims coming from homeowners and business owners who lost their property due to the blazes. Unfortunately, many insurance companies have become notorious for doing as little as possible after a large scale natural disaster, even wrongfully denying or delaying insurance claims, which is a form of bad faith insurance.

If you file a North Bay firestorm insurance claim and find that your insurance company is not putting in an honest effort to help you, our San Francisco bad faith insurance attorneys at Delfino Green & Green can assist you. With more than 30 years of legal experience and millions of dollars recovered for our clients in successful verdicts, you can feel confident that your claim will get the respect and attention it deserves. Call (415) 466-8544 or contact us online as soon as your North Bay firestorm insurance claim encounters bad faith insurance and we can schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your options.

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