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Sharon Delfino Green

Attorney Sharon Delfino Green of Delfino Green & Green Law

Early Life & Education

Sharon Delfino Green was born in Northern California and has dedicated her life to helping the residents in her community. Even as a young child, she always knew she wanted to be a lawyer, frequently championing the rights of the vulnerable underdogs. As a native of Wine Country, she was fortunate to have the innate ability to clearly express herself and has always had a strong personality. Excelling in university and law school, she was recognized for her promising legal career. Her professors selected her out of hundreds of students in order to help with the drafting and research for one of the state’s most prominent treatises.

Previous Work Experience

Throughout the beginning of her legal career, Sharon worked for numerous Fortune 500 companies, helping with complex and valuable legal work. After spending several years working for these prestigious companies and several more years to help raise a family, Sharon made the decision to join a law practice that would use her impressive legal capabilities to stand up for the vulnerable and poorly represented. She wanted to leave corporate America behind, so she joined up with William Green and together, they created Delfino Green & Green.

Representing Injury & Bad Faith Insurance Claims

For over the past 10 years, Sharon has worked alongside Mr. Green and has helped prosecute countless insurance bad faith cases and personal injury cases. Furthermore, she made it a point to expand her legal knowledge even further and has made family law one of her most proficient areas of practice. She is a skilled San Francisco injury lawyer and a proud member of both the Marin County Bar Association and the California State Bar.


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