September 25, 2019

What’s the Difference: Own Occupation Disability vs. Any Occupation Disability

When you must file a claim for disability benefits, you should know what options you have. Even more important, you should understand how insurance companies define disabilities and how they’re typically categorized.

Categorization of certain disabilities could be the deciding factor in what type of benefits an injured worker may receive and how long they will last. Disability claims are typically broken down into disabled and totally disabled, and the insurance company may consider own occupation and any occupation disabilities.

What Is Own Occupation Disability?

When the insurance company refers to own occupation disability, this means that the person filing for benefits is unable to perform the job duties required by the occupation he or she held prior to the disability.

This means that the individual would be unable to return to the exact same position he or she held. For instance, for a worker who is required to stand and work with machinery all day, if the injury prevents them from standing for an extended period of time, they may be able to file for own occupation disability.

What Is Any Occupation Disability?

With own occupation disability, there may be a situation where the claimant can still work in a different capacity that doesn’t impact their injury or condition. With any occupation disability, this means that the claimant can no longer work in any occupation.

Any occupation disability looks into the claimants age, the training he or she has received, as well as education and experience. If the disability prevents him or her from operating in any capacity, this may allow the claimant to qualify for totally disabled benefits. It is more difficult to meet these definitions than it is for own occupation disability.

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