How Does the Appeals Process Help Me?

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When someone files a claim for long-term disability, there are a number of reasons that the claim may be denied. Some are valid, but others are done simply because the insurance company doesn’t want to pay out benefits and would rather protect their own profits. Unfortunately, many look at this denial as final say. They continue about their daily duties, often dealing with the pain from their disability and think they can’t do anything about it. There is an option for some to appeal the denial, though, and pursue the benefits so rightfully deserved.

What Do I Need to Know About the Appeals Process?

The first thing you should consider is if your initial claim is missing something. Did you forget to include your medical records or a report from your doctor? Was there an issue with the initial reporting of the accident that caused you harm? Finding something that may be missing can allow you to appeal with a stronger claim. For instance, if your initial claim was denied because you were missing a doctor’s report, you may file an appeal and provide the additional documents to strengthen the claim. The appeals process gives individuals an additional chance at success and often allows for them to have more evidence to support their claim. It also can be a necessary process to file a lawsuit for benefits that may fall under ERISA law. If you need to file an appeal, be sure to have the necessary information to move forward, including the following:
  • Any and all updates of medical records to indicate thorough diagnosis, treatment, and more
  • Details regarding your abilities or inabilities to complete all or some aspects of your current occupation
  • Test results that may support your claim—even if they are new and updated from your initial claim

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