April 9, 2020

Tips for Safe Driving in San Francisco

Driving in cities is extremely stressful, especially for those unaccustomed to it. Other drivers can seem impatient and aggressive. A missed turn can result in a lengthy runabout just to get back to where you started. An inexperienced driver may have greater anxiety about traffic jams, aggressive driving, and risky left turns.

The Bay Area presents even more hazards than the typical city, with its rolling hills and cars parked on the side of the street. That’s why we put together these tips to help people drive safely in San Francisco!

Break It Up

No matter the city, when traffic is backed up to the edge of the intersection, you should avoid trying to push your way into the street, even if it means waiting at a green light.

When you force your way into an intersection, but can’t get past the white line, you block cross traffic. Now a traffic jam gets even worse because cross traffic can’t move either, and dozens of drivers will (rightfully) blame the person blocking the road.

Right, Not Left

Most older cities lack protected left turns at major intersections. This not only causes traffic jams on already narrow roads, but it increases the odds of causing a severe accident.

Instead of making a left turn, consider making three right turns, this is the equivalent of making a left turn, but it’s faster, safer, and uses less gas.

All Downhill from Here

San Francisco is famous for its neighborhoods built on steep slopes and rolling hills. However, these hills prevent serious driving hazards when drivers don’t respect the road.

Tempting as it may be, you should never coast downhill. Coasting doesn’t save gas, but it does make the vehicle more difficult to control and significantly increases the risk of a severe accident, especially when there’s a stop sign at the bottom of the hill.

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