Fighting the Most Powerful Insurance Companies and Winning

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Attorney William Green from Delfino Green & Green Law


William Green
Mr. Green has made a career of championing the rights of the most vulnerable members of society against the most powerful corporations, government entities, and insurance companies. Where most attorneys take on “a case,” Mr. Green takes on clients and their cause.

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Delfino Green & Green
For over 30 years, the highly skilled and experienced attorneys at Delfino Green & Green have been protecting the rights of individuals throughout California. We work hard to hold negligent parties accountable for their actions that caused injuries, insurance companies responsible for their promises to pay disability benefits, and employers accountable for their commitment to protecting their employees in the workplace.


Filing a claim against an insurance company is a serious decision. Even filing an appeal can get the company’s attorneys involved. Nobody should fight multi-billion-dollar companies or their lawyers alone.

Claimants should go in prepared. They need a law firm with the resources and credentials to handle any case, no matter how far it goes.

The following are two stories of times attorneys from Delfino, Green & Green, fought the most powerful insurance companies in the country and earned our clients the justice they deserve.

Our Own Story

We know what it feels like to be a victim of insurance bad faith. Years ago, our own Mr. Green was denied the environmental pollution coverage he deserved. He took the case to court.

Over an incredible seven-week trial (most jury trials last 4-5 days), Mr. Green won the justice he deserved. Now he helps others overcome insurance companies acting in bad faith.

A Child in Need

Some time ago, we represented a family struck by one of the worst tragedies imaginable. A person was carrying a toddler across the street when both were struck by an oncoming car.

The child suffered severe brain injuries and would spend several months in intensive care. Our attorneys helped the child and her family obtain the full compensation they deserved. We relentlessly pursued the driver’s insurance, the homeowner’s insurance, and every damages claim possible from the negligent driver.

When all was said and done, we delivered $2,000,000 for the injured and her family. We didn’t stop there. We arranged a Special Needs trust for that little girl, ensuring her health and welfare for decades to come.

We understand how hard it is to deal with these insurance companies. We understand the grief and stress of these cases because we have been there ourselves. That’s why we represent those in need whenever the opportunity arises.

If insurance companies denied your disability claim, we will listen. If you’d like an experienced attorney from Delfino Green & Green to evaluate your case, please send us an email or call 415-442-4646.

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