$2,250,000 Result for Client in Traumatic Brain Injury Case

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Attorney William Green from Delfino Green & Green Law


William Green
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Delfino Green & Green is pleased to announce that after nearly three years of intense and dedicated litigation, our law firm was able to secure at $2.25 million result for our client, who suffered a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) after a car crash. Though our client was allowed to make a positive recovery and head back to work, we were able to prove to the insurance company involved, and their lawyers, that our client suffered lifelong injuries that will never fully heal. Despite it originally being labeled as a “zero liability case,” our lawyers were able to compel the wrongdoer’s insurance company to pay the maximum amount of insurance available under their insurance policy. Though we can’t undo the accident, our client is now free to move on and lead an improved life with the compensation she was entitled to. If your or someone you love has suffered from a TBI or other serious injury as a result of an accident, call our lawyers. Through a free consultation, we can assess your situation and determine if it was caused by another party’s negligence. We’re not afraid to go up against insurance companies to achieve full justice on your behalf.

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