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Fighting for Your Right to Disability Insurance

Sometimes, a disability is not a disability. Suffering an injury or being diagnosed with a serious illness that prevents you from working means that you are disabled. However, your insurance company may not agree. Its definition of disability may require you to meet specific characteristics in order to qualify for benefits.

At the law firm of Delfino Green & Green, our San Francisco long term disability attorneys believe that information is power. Educating you on the process of applying for disability benefits helps you understand what is necessary to demonstrate to your insurance company that you are entitled to benefits. The issues related to the application and any appeals or litigation are complex, but they do not have to remain a mystery. In the end, we want you to have peace of mind by having the knowledge of the steps to take toward a more stable future.

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How Insurance Companies Define Disability

Insurance companies generally write disability insurance policies using two definitions: Disabled and totally disabled.

This is broken down further as follows:

  • Own occupation disability - this is defined as the inability to perform the material and substantial duties of the job you held before you became disabled.
  • Any occupation disability - a disability that prevents you from performing work in any occupation that you are suited for based on age, training, experience, education, and station in life. This is a more challenging definition to meet than own occupation disability.

Policies will typically state that “own occupation” covers a set period of time before changing to “any occupation.” This change-over period is typically when insurance companies re-evaluate, and often deny, claims. When that happens, it is time to seek advice from an experienced San Francisco long term disability attorney at Delfino Green & Green.

The Legal Representation You Need

With vital information at your disposal, you and your physician can make sure that the insurer is provided with all of the necessary information and evidence. With this data, we stand by your side and help get you the benefits you deserve through approval of your claim, reversal of a denial or appeal, or by prevailing in court.

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Ready to Protect Your Rights

Client Testimonials

  • Delfino Green & Green Bill Green was thorough in evaluating my case and explaining the issues to me
  • Delfino Green & Green If it wasn't for John's persistence for three years fighting with the insurance, I wouldn't have been approved for all the extensive medical support I needed like physical therapy, counseling, and surgeries.
  • Delfino Green & Green Such amazing and professional attorneys.
  • Delfino Green & Green Bill's expertise, professionalism, knowledge and concern for his clients best interest.
  • Delfino Green & Green From tenacity to compassion and going above and beyond for the sake of their clients, you're truly in the best hands if your case is lucky enough to be accepted by these high level attorneys.
  • Delfino Green & Green They are outstanding. Bill Green is exceptional in the courtroom.
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