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Firm Overview

Protecting The Rights of People who Are injured, Disabled or Discriminated Against

For nearly three decades, the experienced and highly skilled attorneys at Delfino Green & Green have been fighting to protect the rights of individuals just like you. Whether it involves holding negligent companies or drivers responsible for causing severe personal injuries (Personal Injury), forcing insurance companies to live up to the promises they make to policyholders who have become disabled and unable to work (Disability), holding employers and their insurance companies responsible for workplace injuries (Workers Compensation), or protecting employees who have been unjustly treated by their employers (Employment), we have been always been willing to take on the fight on behalf of our clients.

If you’ve been injured, had your legitimate disability claim denied, or had your rights as an employee trampled on, feel free to call one of the highly qualified attorneys at Delfino Green & Green and we will help you determine whether your situation allows you to recover damages.

We can be reached at 415-442-4646 or you can fill out our easy only contact form.